This is a dilemma that most of us will face sooner or later. Computers don’t last forever. Just recently I had to come up with a way to keep my old monitor out of the landfill. After doing some research I found out that computer monitors (along with tv’s) contain high amounts of lead. This is not good for our Mother. So what do you do?

Well, you can:

  • Ask if your local municipality has a program for recycling computers and televisions. I called our county recycle program. They said to take it to the landfill! Not a big help there.
  • Check with local electronic businesses to see if they have a recycle program. I call our local Staple’s. They said they will send it to Dell to break down into parts. Great I thought! Until, they said they charge $10.00 per item.
  • While Googling this subject I happened upon a website that listed Goodwill Industries as a possible solution. So, I called my local Goodwill. They lady told me that yes, they will send it to Dell to refurbish or break down into parts!! I asked her if they charge a fee. “Well no Hon, we don’t.” She said. ” In fact, you can use the donation as a tax deduction”!

So, the next trip to town, I loaded up that old monitor & made a stop at that Goodwill Store. Someone met me at the Donation door & unloaded it for me. They gave me a receipt for my donation & off I went feeling pretty darn good that I took the initiative to do the right thing & be green!